Upgrading memory in a Acer Aspire R11 laptop

Published in Tutorials on May 15, 2016

Today's post is going to be a little different, It's a How-To of how to upgrade RAM on your Laptop. In specific, this tutorial we will be doing so on the Acer Aspire R11.

Before purchasing memory for your computer, remember to check if it's compatible.

Installing Memory

First thing is to actually check if your laptop can be unscrewed if not then I would recommend you don't unscrew it. If it is really required then speak to a specialist who knows how to do this sort of thing.


Once unscrewed you should be able to take off the back. Do so very gently.

Once done you should get a good look of what's inside your laptop.

Next thing we need to do is identify the RAM. In this laptop, it is covered by the metal cover that can be very easily removed.

Next, find your new RAM and get it ready for placement.

To remove it just slide it out towards you.

Next, get the new RAM and insert it into the slot.

And from the inside, all we need to do is put the metal case back on it.

Now it's a case of putting the screws back on and seeing if it takes effect.

It's done! All you need to do is turn on your laptop and wait for it to boot up and for the extra RAM to take effect.

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