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This Week in Tech: 20th -24th May

Published on May 24th, 2019 by Duncan McClean.

In this week's roundup:

  • US Government ban all business with Huawei
  • EE outage affects customers throughout the UK

US Government ban all business with Huawei

This week, Donald Trump issued an Executive Order banning all US businesses from doing any trade with Huawei.

The US Government suspect Huawei of spying on the US and reporting back to the Chinese Government which Huawei denies doing.

This story made big news when Google had to announce that they would no longer be able to provide Google apps, like Google Play, YouTube or Google Maps to Huawei for use on their smartphones. This does not mean that Huawei can't use Android, as its open source (meaning anyone can contribute to it), they just can't run Google apps.

Those who currently have Huawei phones, wether that be a Huawei P20 Lite or a phone under the Honor brand, they will continue to receive app updates and will be able to access Google apps. However, the ban does stop Huawei from releasing any future feature updates.

Huawei have announced that they have their own operating system in testing in China and that they could sell phones with that OS instead of Android, but it would mean there would need to be an entirely new app store and people would need to develop yet more versions of their apps.

It doesn't just affect Huawei phones, it affects every other part of their business. Including their laptop range, they won't be able to run Windows anymore, as Microsoft (as US company) are also expected to cut all ties with Huawei.

If things couldn't get worse for Huawei, all the parts they use to build phones and laptops all come from the US.

The future looks very shaky for Huawei at the moment. They were aiming to become the world's number 2 smartphone manufacturer by the end of the year.

Credit: EE
Credit: EE

EE outage affects customers throughout the UK

The UK's fastest mobile network had issues on Tuesday as customers were unable to make or receive calls.

You can read more about this story here.