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This Week in Tech: 17th - 21st June

Published on June 21st, 2019 by Duncan McClean.

In this week's roundup:

  • Facebook launches into the financial market
  • Monzo launches in the US
  • Samsung tell customers to malware check their TVs

Facebook launches into the financial market

This week, Facebook launched Libra - their new cryptocurrency. They also launched a mobile wallet app called Calibra.

However, many people are critical (and rightly so) of Facebook's move into the financial sector. Especially with their privacy scandals from last year. I certainly wouldn't trust them with my money.

Credit: Monzo
Credit: Monzo

Monzo launches into the US

Monzo, a mobile-only bank from London launched in the US last week. The US launch only includes a few basic features like instant spending notifications, person to person payments and fee-free spending abroad but the bank says it will grow its feature set after feedback from their customers.

The company have been around since 2015, starting with prepaid cards and in 2017 they were granted proper banking status in the UK and they started offering current accounts.

Samsung's tweet
Samsung's tweet

Samsung tell customers to malware check their TVs

On Monday, Samsung tweeted advice to customers that they should be malware checking their TV every few weeks to prevent software attacks.

The tweet came along with a 19 second video that showed customers how to perform a malware check on their TVs.

All Samsung TVs come loaded with a special version of McAfee's security for TV's anti-virus software.

Not long after the tweet was published it was deleted by Samsung.