This Week in Tech: 13th - 17th August

Published on August 17th, 2018. Written by .

In this weeks roundup:

  • Twitter suspends Alex Jones
  • Google tracks users who disable location tracking
  • Amazon's 'one-day' delivery advertisement banned

Twitter suspends Alex Jones

Social networking company Twitter have suspended Alex Jones on their website for a week.

He won't be allowed to post new tweets or comment on other user's tweets for a week.

Google tracks users who disable location tracking

Even though that you might have disabled location tracking on your phone, Google can still track you.

For example: when you open up Google Maps and want directions somewhere, Google will take a snapshot of your current location.

Amazon's 'one day delivery' advertisement banned

UK Regulators have found that Amazon's one-day delivery advertisement is misleading.

The Advertising Regulator said that they have received more than 280 reports from Amazon customers saying that the claim is false.


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