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This Week in Tech: 1st - 5th July

Published on July 5th, 2019 by Duncan McClean.

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Facebook fixed issues with images

Facebook had problems among their apps, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram this week displaying images. 

Users who tried to view images on the platforms got blank images. The issue was apparently caused by routine maintenance.

Cloudflare broke the web again

Remember last week when the internet broke for a few hours? Well, that kind of happened again this week too. 

Cloudflare, a DNS provider accidentally pushed out a bug to their proxy software which ultimately lead to websites that use Cloudflare being unaccessible. They have a full report of what happened on their company blog. 

DNS is the system behind the scenes of the internet that decided what domain names map to what IP addresses.

This Week in Tech: 1st - 5th July

Vodafone become the second UK mobile provider to turn on 5G network

Vodafone became the UK's second mobile provider to launch their 5G mobile network. 

EE launched their 5G network in the last few months, the launch event included a performance by Stormzy.