Office 2016 - Is it worth upgrading?

Published in Reviews on Sep 25, 2015

I can't see any noticeable changes from the previous version of Office. Although, Microsoft is hoping that the update is a difference.

One of the things that I saw in a Microsoft video on their YouTube channel is that they actually have added collaborating within the Office Client. Before, the only way that I knew that two people could collaborate on Office was by being on the web versions.


  • Same features as on 2013
  • Now 'tell me' button
  • Linking Access and Excel documents


  • Clipper
  • And.. eh, not much else


  • Six new charts
  • Query - gets information from Azure
  • One click forecasting
  • 3D Maps - goodness knows why we need this in Excel
  • Shape formatting
  • Another 'tell me' button
  • Improved version history
  • Brand new themes


  • Attach things from SharePoint
  • Groups
  • Easier search
  • Low priority
  • More 'tell me' buttons


  • Tell me!
  • Six new chart types
  • Insights
  • Screen recording
  • Simple sharing
  • New themes
  • Quick shape formatting


  • Flexible timelines
  • Resource scheduling
  • New themes


  • Data Connectivity
  • Modern Shapes
  • Site Plans
  • Floor Plans
  • Home Plans
  • Diagrams
  • Tell me
  • New themes


  • Tell me
  • Real-time collabs
  • Insights
  • Simple sharing
  • Version history
  • Shape formatting

And of course, this update is cross-platform that means it will be on phones, tablets, the whole lot.

How can I get my hands on this fresh bit of bread?
To do so you need to get Office 365 Home if you're in a home and eh business and if you're in a business. To do so the Home Package costs £7.77 and for Business, it is £7. Both of those are on a Monthly subscription. And the home comes with 5 versions for desktop and then 5 for mobile and so on.

Then you go and run the Setup and you are able to start installing Office 365. The installer will start installing, then wait and it will ask you to login to verify you have a Microsoft Account then start using.

Only one person on the computer needs to have 365 and the others can just use that copy.

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