Apple MacBook Air 2018 Review

Published in Reviews on Sep 9, 2019

I've just recently bought a MacBook Air 2018 to replace my sort of ageing Mac Mini from 2014. It's actually the latest product in Apple's MacBook Air range so it's quite nice to own something new-ish for a change.

There are many reasons I love my new laptop. I'm going to touch on a few of those reasons in this article then I'll tell you what I think could be improved for the next model.

The first thing I like is Touch ID. I know this has been around for a wee while in iPhones but I don't use iPhones so I've not had that pleasure. But after I bought this I realised it has Touch ID so I could unlock my laptop by just touching it with my finger. It's super useful. Especially if you're like me and don't really want to type in your password every single time you login.

I also love that it's sooooo fast. At least it is compared to my Mac Mini 2014 and any Windows computers I've used (but let's be real, Windows is the bottleneck there).

I actually went for the base model, literally because I don't have the money or really the need to go for anything higher. It's specced out with an intel i5, 8GB of memory and 128GB hard drive. The storage capacity was something I was a little worried about but it seems to be fine, most of the stuff I do is in the cloud anyway.

I think the price for it is pretty good, considering it is made by Apple 😆. I grabbed it for £950 from John Lewis which is a fairly standard price for it. Although if you keep your eyes peeled online for long enough you'll be sure to find one even if it's a little bit cheaper.

Even though I like the laptop a lot, there are a few small things I don't like about it. One of those things is that it only comes with 2 USB-C ports and a headphone jack. One of those if used for charging so really you've only got one available port to work with. I'm still trying to figure out what adapter I need to buy in order for me to be able to plugin in my two monitors, but I'm sure I'll get that figured out soon.

Apart from that, it's a really nice laptop and I'm sure I'll be using it for years to come.

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