FlashAir - Wireless Camera Companion

Published in Reviews on Nov 7, 2016

Recently it was my birthday and I received a Flash Air SD Card. I really like it. You might be going "What? Do you like an SD card? Out of all things". In this article, I will tell you why the Flash Air is different and will be the SD card of the future.

First of all, the FlashAir is an SD card that broadcasts a Wireless SSID so you can see the photos larger on a mobile phone or tablet.

The App

The App itself is OK. However, I have spotted quite a few hitches like when you want to download images, it takes quite a long time. I can't leave it alone say downloading 20 pictures because when I come back my camera would have turned to standby and the SSID would have stopped running leading to the app cancelling all of the downloading and leaves me with nothing.


If you're forgetful with your passwords, then you may have some issues resetting it.

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