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Facebook's having a great year, ANOTHER bug exposed up-to 6 million unposted pictures to developers

Published on December 15th, 2018 by Duncan McClean.

This year Facebook's had the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the bug where hackers could logon to other users' accounts, their CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has been to Congress to testify for the company.

Now we have yet another incident for the social networking giant, they've announced that they accidentally gave third-party developers access to images which were uploaded to the service but never posted. As well, it gave the developers access to user images from their Stories and their Marketplace images.

The company says it will help app developers to delete images they shouldn't have and they will notify users affected.

In their blog post announcing the bug, they didn't disclose when the bug was discovered. However, when fellow technology site, TechCrunch asked, they were told that the bug was discovered and patched on September 25th. This means the bug has been sitting around un-reported for nearly three months. 90 days!

It's a wonder Facebook still has any users.