Everything from CES 2018

Published on January 10th, 2018. Written by .

Every year, the Consumers Electronic Show is on from the 9th to the 12th of January. It showcases the newest of technology from the biggest brands. This article is a round up of everything that has been announced during this years CES.

Everything from CES 2018

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Bixby is coming to Samsung TVs

During CES, Samsung has announced that Bixby, Samsung's AI assistant will be coming to Samsung 2018 range of TVs.

Google Home display

A few months after Amazon released their Echo Show device, Google announces their take on it. They are going to be teaming up with companies like JBL, Lenovo, LG and Sony to create smart display devices that are equipped with Google Assistant.

The devices will allow you to preform voice calling and look at your Google Photos.

HTC Vive Pro

On the first day of CES 2018, HTC unveiled it's the newest revision of the HTC Vive. The HTC Vive Pro. The Vive Pro has a much higher display resolution, better audio and built-in speakers. This will surely continue to keep its name as one of the best VR Headsets.

Everything from CES 2018

New Sony Xperia Phones

Sony announced three new mobile phones, the Sony Xperia XA2, XA2 Ultra and the L2. The XA2 Ultra has a 6" 1080p display with an aluminium frame. The front-facing camera has 23MP with support for 4K videos.

Image Credit: IB Times

65 inch rollable TV from LG

LG announced plenty of new TV's during CES, as they do every year. LG was showing off a 64" rollable 4K TV. However, it's very unlikely that we will see this in the shops in the near future.

Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Dell showed off their new XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops. The Dell XPS 13 featured three USB type C ports and a Micro SD card slot. The XPS 13 has addressed many issues
cvustomers had pointed out about previous versions of the laptop. 

Kodak's own Cryptocurrency

Kodak announced their own
crypto currency. It's called KODADCoin and will apparently protect photographers image rights.

1TB USB Drive from SanDisk

SanDisk showed of their prototype of a 1 Terabyte USB drive. It has a USB type C so that it would be compatible with mobile phones.


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