Amazon Echo Dot Review

Published in ChristmasReviews on Nov 2, 2017

Roughly a month ago, I bought an Echo Dot from Amazon. For the most part, it works pretty well. There are a few hitches but I'll talk about them later in the review.

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The hardware is pretty neat. For how small it is and it's price, the speakers are good. It can fit into most spaces.


  • Easy setup - Install the app, connect it to your Amazon account, install some skills and you're ready.
  • Connect to a better speaker - Personally, I don't need to, but you can connect your Echo Dot into a bigger speaker if you wish.
  • Bluetooth - You can connect to it via Bluetooth. Pretty awesome if you ask me.
  • TuneIn - I like listening to the radio while I'm in bed. There have been a few instances where the radio seems to cut off and does not start again which seems a bit odd.
  • Alarms - Alexa also doubles up as my alarm clock. There are a variety of different alarms available. As well as one from the Grand Tour series on Amazon Prime. You can set alarms by simple voice commands.


  • Spotify - Be aware if you plan to listen to Music through Spotify you'll need to buy yourself a subscription to Spotify Premium. There is a workaround by playing the music through the Spotify app on your phone connected via Bluetooth.
  • Voice Recognition - Sometimes I find that Alexa doesn't always pick up what I say.


If you want to jump on the Smart home bandwagon then the Echo Dot is a great start. It's also remarkably cheap just like the Amazon Fire.

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