Android 9 Pie - All you need to know

Published on August 6th, 2018. Written by .

Google has announced Android 9 Pie.

The last release of Android was called Oreo. Each version of Android is named after a dessert. The update is already rolling out to Pixel and Essential devices. There are many noticeable new features that are in this new release of Android. A few of them include:

Complete revamp of the navigation system

Android 9 Pie - All you need to know

In Pie, you will find that the navigation system of Android has completely changed. The three buttons at the bottom of screens have been replaced by gestures.
However, this new system will not be enabled by default. You will have to enable it yourself.

Adaptive Battery

Android 9 Pie - All you need to know

With adaptive battery mode, your Android phone will try to squeeze out as much as it can from your battery.
The mode will learn to adapt to how you use your phone via the use of AI.

App Actions and Slices

Two new features are being introduced in order to help you navigate your phone better.
App Actions will guess what apps you're most likely to use next and will display them on your app drawer.
Slices will allow you to preform advanced actions from the Google Assistant. For example saying "I want a lift home" will give you a link to the Lyft or Uber app so that you can book a taxi.

New Emojis

Everyone loves emojis right? Android 9 Pie will add 157 new emojis.


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