Free Alternative to Adobe's Photoshop

Published in Reviews on Dec 13, 2015

Now if you are like me you probably want to be able to edit your pictures and the first thing we think of is Photoshop as the brand of photo-editing. Just like when you think of a vacuum cleaner you think of a Hoover.

Well as Photoshop costs more than like £100 (well, at least as part of Creative Suite) some of you probably want a cheaper and easier option.

The answer is Paint.Net

Paint.Net is a free photo-editing tool that can be used on Windows computers or laptops.

It allows you to use layers and go back and remove certain layers and undo changed to your picture.

It has many different widgets that are added on top of the main program.

One of these is the different tools that can be used to create the perfect image.

Also, one has layers and the other History. To the bottom left you can choose the colours that you want to use.

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