Google Pixel Event: All you need to know

Google Pixel Event: All you need to know

October 6th, 2017 - Duncan McClean

Google recently announced some new products at their Pixel event. We've compiled everything you need to know into this nice little article.

Google Pixel 2

Google took the event to announce their second Pixel phone. It is expected to be released on November 15th. Inside, it will have a minimum 64GB of internal storage.

Android Oreo will come pre-installed with no bloat-ware.

Priced around £629 for the 64GB version and £729 for the 128GB version.

Pixel Book

The Pixel book will be the first high-end Chromebook for a long time. The specs inside are more than capable of running an operating system like Windows. The Chromebooks will support Google Play and will be the first laptop to have Google Assistant.

The device can rotate 360 degrees and weighs just 2 pounds.

The Pixel Pen will come bundled with this overpriced laptop. Starting at $999, it will cost a lot for just a laptop running Google Chrome.

Google Home Products

Google announced two new Home products in this event. The Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max.

Google Pixel Event: All you need to know

Google Home Mini

The Home Mini is the same size as a doughnut. They can both do everything the current Google Home devices can do like set alarms and play music. Both models can come in three colours - coral, chalk and charcoal.

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